August 12, 2008

Wow, I Guess Cell Phones Really Do Cause Brain Damage As a society, we are fascinated by gadgets of all kinds. Laptop computers, digital cameras, iPods, BlackBerries are our new best friends. We take them with us wherever we go, we gaze at them lovingly, we we share our deepest secrets with them. Even those of us who are technological dinosaurs, tend to at least be hip enough to have a cell phone. But, like any new drug, our high-tech toys come with potentially serious side effects. Most of you have heard that studies have linked cell phone usage with brain damage and tumors, especially in children. But that's not exactly the kind of brain damage I'm referring to. I'm talking about behavioral rather than anatomical and physiological brain damage. You know – the kind of damage that, despite healthyWhat were you thinking redux neurological tissue, leaves us acting like social morons. What ever became of manners, discretion, common courtesy? Are social skills, like eight-track tapes and mullets, simply destined to become a thing of the past? And why exactly am I going on and on about this? Well, I was recently reminded of how our love affair with electronic gadgetry can turn us into blubbering idiots. Let me share with you a tale of electronic be-witchery and human frailty.......a cautionary tale if you will. I was in Sears the other day, walking from the shoe department to the children's department with my two kids in tow. As we passed the registers (centrally located for no one's convenience) a young woman came out of the children's department walking toward us, chatting away loudly on her cell phone. The sales clerks, my two eight-year-olds and I were treated to her end of the conversation which went like this:

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